LibreOffice wants to kill OpenOffice. Do you know why? It's because LibreOffice is controlled by a group of companies.

By killing Apache OpenOffice, they can monopolize the market of open source office suite (which is pathetic compared to Microsoft's market share).

This is an ultra-stupid move in the long run because of lacking of vision. What can they get?? Force a few nerds who still use OpenOffice to switch ?

They could have organized a campaign fight against Microsoft Office and bite Microsoft's market share, rather than eliminating a friendly competitor.

Fun fact, LibreOffice can import code from OpenOffice, but not reverse due to licence problem.

Why do you use LibreOffice? Perhaps because it's free and open source software, or because it runs on Linux, Windows and macOS. Maybe it's because ...
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I told you so, 2021 edition

**And in not-at-all-unrelated news:**

Just to add insult to injury, it has recently come to my attention that not only are Gnome-screensaver, Mate-screensaver and Cinnamon-screensaver buggy and insecure dumpster fires, but they are also in violation of my license and infringing my copyright.

XScreenSaver was released under the BSD license, one of the oldest and most permissive of the free software licenses. It turns out, the Gnome-screensaver authors copied large parts of XScreenSaver into their program, removed the BSD license and slapped a GPL license on my code instead -- and also removed my name. Rude.

If they had asked me, "can you dual-license this code", I might have said yes. If they had asked, "can we strip your name off and credit your work as (C) William Jon McCann instead"... probably not.

Mate-screensaver and Cinnamon-screensaver, being forks and descendants of Gnome-screensaver, have inherited this license violation and continue to perpetuate it. Every Linux distro is shipping this copyright- and license-infringing code.

I eagerly await hearing how they're going to make this right.


Hahaha, yet another example of what GNOME are promoting is actually crap. Trying to copy snap but failed.

Fun fact: Snap already have nearly 4k applications, including server programs, development environments, commercial applications and WINE-based Windows apps.

Even tough GNOME has better engineers, but the vision of ubuntu is superior. Snap is trying to become a true universal platform, rather than GNOME apps downloader.

Snap also try to have the user experience of Mac App Store which is great for new users.

In contrast, Flatpak still use crap terminal user interface. Copy and paste command to install app, hahahaha. Only nerd will use command line.

Every editor's choice of Flathub is GNOME related app, and this is hostile to KDE applications. ( KDE solely contributed nearly 100 snap apps)

Commercial apps are also inevitable for actual user experience. We need easy to install Microsoft team and things like Zoom.

Tobias Bernard  
1111 apps on Flathub 🎉 Huge kudos to @barthalion, @wjt, @bilelmoussaoui and everyone else who helped to get it to this point!
我在中学的时候就注意到社群里面总有一些抱团取暖的人。他们生活下去唯一的支柱就是想办法去“高人一等”,而实现的方法则是打压了其他人。在小团体中地位越低的人,在以大欺小的时候就跳的越高。 被孤立的人是谁或者究竟做了什么,其实并不重要。重要的是,在这个过程中,他们愚蠢的虚荣心在高人一等的过程中得到了...

horizon-eda → The ONLY _1_ program that has advanced interface and was originally written in GTK3.

And his author must be very regretful for this decision. He will _enjoy_ the same pain in ass as GIMP which spend years for GTK3 porting.

"GNOME Circle" → Proof that GTK3/GNOME community didn't produce almost _ANY_ significant apps in the past 10 years.

Audacity, Scribus, GIMP, Inkscape, flowblade, Geany, Evolution are all coming from 10~20 years ago.

Awesome-gnome → Proof that almost _ALL_ apps born during GTK3 age are very trivial at least in UI.

Daily rant on and every projects that keep breaking API for no critical reason..../

"Cascade of Attention-Deficit Teenagers" by JZW


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Rust Coreutils? 

Rust Coreutils? 

那个用 Rust 重写的 Coreutils 和 GNU Coreutils 一样也是在各种封装 (g)libc,

我觉得 C 被取代的时间恐怕会特别特别晚。因为 B/C 当年是和 Unix 肩并肩开发的,天生适合编写操作系统。

就像数学里面的数字抽象出了物理世界的本质,C 同样对硬件进行了本质的抽象,同样的道理还有 Lisp 对逻辑的抽象。

这东西恐怕和 Zsh, Fish, Elvish... 取代 Bash 以及 Scalca, clojure, Grooby, Kotlin... 试图取代 Java 的尝试一样,虽然前者都号称更好,但是后者也没有坏到需要淘汰。。。

另外我觉得这个星球上大部分人写程序挂个 GC 或者像 Obj-C/Swift 那样弄个 ARC 都没什么影响。GC/ARC 直接把 Rust 试图解决的问题给避开了。这些人没有必要为了一点点效率而增加心智负担。

对 Nerd 来说,应该加三个选项:

1. 花费一年的时间赞一套自己的 Emacs 发行版(配置) 。

2. 花费一年的时间安装与折腾各种各样的发行版。

3. 解决单身问题。

哈哈哈, :seyana_2: :seyana_2:

椒盐豆豉 :mtfront_taosit:  
如果你有 1~2 年的时间不用考虑花费,但是要考虑执行这些事情实际要付出的努力和这些经历对你后续人生和职业的影响、耗费的时间年龄的增长等,你会选择干什么呢? #poll #work

现在 Systemd,, Wayland, GNOME/GTK, pipewire 等一大堆重要的东西都被 Red Hat 控制/资助着。RedHat/Linux 恐怕比 GNU/Linux 更贴切一点。

所以下学期准备换成 Ubuntu 或者 ArchLinux。

虽然 Ubuntu 由于种种原因各种失败,但里面有好几个在和 Redhat 正面交锋 Mir <-> Wayland, Upstart <-> SystemD,Snappy <-> Flathub,Unity <-> GNOME,而且不止一次尝试改用 Qt,来摆脱对 GNOME/GTK 的依赖。还有他们最近在投资的 Flutter 多半会失败,但至少不是 RedHat 自家的 GNOME/GTK.

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The gnome project spent their time on cancelling richard stallman instead on adding thumbnails to the file picker
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@sjw @lanodan DEs were a mistake, but if you're going to write one, make it self-contained instead of linking against libraries that are unstable, both in the sense that they are in constant flux and in the sense that they crash if you look at them funny.

Why do you think the big frameworks/toolkits/DEs are pushed by the big companies? Canonical and RedHat and Novell can afford to test out the permutations of gtk/gdk/harfbuzz/pango/rootkits/cairo/glib/systemd they've locked their current GNOME version to, small distros and independent devs cannot. These bloated DEs were never good and they were never supposed to be, they're just rewriting the same shit over and over, nothing really new, it's just the 30th revision of a fork of Windows 95, but now it takes several gigs of RAM when idling and GPU acceleration but it still crashes and lags? Seriously? Why? After 20 years of this shit, they should have been able to make something usable if that were the actual goal. It's bullshit someone's crammed into your computer to kill open source. Set it all on fire and install ratpoison.

fvwm still runs fast on 1990s hardware, a computer in the current year has zero excuse for UI lag, let alone UI crashes. Gnome, KDE, XFCE, LXDE, they have no excuse to exist.
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