You have a file named as "VERSION" in build dir, and it clashes with very new version of clang.

Feels good that they already figured it out. I'm probably never going to know why I cannot build for this kind of weirdness......


经高人指点,用 okular 有两个方法可以自动化 pdf 阅读进度的追踪,

1. 从 ~/.local/share/okular/docdata/ 里面的 xml 文件里获取某一文档的历史进度,

2. 用 d-bus 的 org.kde.okular currnetDocument() 和 currnetPage() 来实时追踪



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This to-do app seems to suit my need perfectly:

* Uses plain text database
* Is command Line tool (not inside Emacs)
* Covers many corner use-cases i may don't need (10+ years of dev)
* Has philosophy
* Hackable:
** Written in a language i know (C++ and CMake)
** Has python binding

Also, it has a community to deal problems that I don't care.

It turns out to be girlfriend oriented naming

> I felt it would have been some kind of betrayal to my girlfriend to change the name of the application. Some emotional bond had been created by using part of her first name. I maintained Gwenview for 14 years. At the end I was getting tired of it, but this emotional bond made it difficult to let it go.

Interesting. Instead of eliminating the GIL, they want to spawn multiple python Interpreters and let them cooperate.

And this feature already exist in C level for some time.

Interesting, their fans are very confidence about the planned GTK → EFL transition, and the project seems well-funded.

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It seems the doom Emacs themes are doing this.

They mapped generic colour names to each of the packages, then plug in each theme........

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The list of supported packages is caused by a missing abstraction layer for colours.

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Emacs didn't assign any colour names according to functionality, thus all colour themes have to support colours for each extension.....


I guess one abstraction layer is missing.

I use Newsboat once per week.

#introduction I'm Alexander Batischev AKA Minoru. I write programs. My biggest claim to fame is Newsboat, but I also help maintain Hakyll, gettext...

rclone 可以把网盘直接挂载成一个文件夹,这个有点舒服 :)

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