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sqlite3 ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/History "SELECT visit_count,title,url from urls order by visit_count DESC limit 10;"


sqlite3 ~/.mozilla/firefox/<PROFILE_NUMBER>.default-release/places.sqlite "SELECT frecency, host from moz_origins order by frecency DESC limit 10;"

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It's been a while since the last release, so here goes: ncdu 1.16.

A minor feature & bugfix release. This adds dynamic sizing of the file size bar, an $NCDU_LEVEL environment variable when spawning a subshell, more file mode flags and allows for a few future extensions to the JSON dump format.

There are a few shiny TUI (terminal ui) projects recently like rich for python, tui-rs for rust, and termui for go.

My opinion is that they are all vastly terrible and much less powerful compared to implementing text-based UI frontend in Emacs.

If you use Emacs as your app's frontend, your frontend can get supports for themes, navigation shortcuts, user custom commands, better help system, window managements......... without much cost.

You will not be bounded by any specific language as Emacs is universal.

Advanced users can also easily hack your frontend and someday they may bring some enhancements back to you!

Emacs is more superior than those "modern" TUI since 1976.

I urge hackers to stop using "modern" TUI frameworks and use Emacs to implement frontends instead.

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A chemist with large C++ codebase got pissed by python <-> C++ interoperation implemented a LLVM based lisp.

The lisp generates LLVM IR then links it with existing C++ code.

Microsoft actually pays a chunk of money each year to OpenBSD after using a few of their components.

Consistency in software:

Seek for consistency -> tell/force everyone to change -> waste time/break things -> less applications

Seek for consistency -> enforce certain patterns -> artifical constrains on design -> less powerful apps

Great applications don't care about consistency with other applications and will use whatever style to assist their purpose.

Thus, the Consistency Fetish is harmful.

My system still has more Perl than Python under /bin

$ file -b /usr/bin/* |cut -d\ -f1,2|sort|uniq -c|sort -nr|head
2634 ELF 64-bit
449 symbolic link
271 POSIX shell
85 Perl script
56 Python script,
50 Bourne-Again shell
16 setuid ELF
11 broken symbolic
11 a /usr/bin/env
3 directory

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