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Expect explicitly declared, all content of this account belong to Public Domain, under CC0.

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en_WWW, the locale for all those who learned english by being exposed to the internet

Does anyone has recommendations on Meme templates downloads (prefered) or Online generator to generate memes like ?


附加注解: 删除原因:实例在 CloudFlare 显示 502 删除原因:域名疑似丢失(此后可能将不再允许来自类似 TLD 的关注者)

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😩 Summary of my emails with Xencelabs, PicassoTab, Huion, XpPen, Artisul and UGEE: it's hopeless. 😅

我想了一下,最近 Mastodon 新出的这个编辑功能需要一个可以显示 Word Diff 的功能,要不就做成 Userscript 吧?


If you consider "politics" a dirty word and hope to keep your project free of it, give up right now. Politics are inevitable whenever people have to cooperatively manage a shared resource. In the case of an open source project, even though the code itself is not that kind of shared resource (since it can be copied by anyone), attention, credibility, and influence in the project very much are: they are by definition not copyable, and therefore not forkable.

—— Chapter 8. Managing Participants. 见于 2022年6月22日.

$ curl | gpg --dearmor | sudo dd of=/usr/local/share/keyrings/riot-archive-keyring.gpg

🤔 It uses dd to perform redirection with elavated privileges.

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向网友请求推荐,有怎样的可以试探父母是否会支持自己 变 的手段呢?

服了🥲马斯克告诉推特员工要学习微信和抖音 “在中国基本可以生活在微信上”

So what exactly is -ffunction-sections and how does it reduce binary size? GitLab因硬盘故障而瘫痪 数十个开源项目开发工作停摆


有关于本次严重故障以及恢复情况的实时状态可以通过 的IRC频道找到:

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RFC 3986 - Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax / Appendix B. Parsing a URI Reference with a Regular Expression

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